Why I Don’t Feel Like Myself And How To Deal With It — Inside 5am

When and why I don’t feel like myself

Signs that you don’t feel like yourself

Starts to lose interest

Feeling exhausted

Easily Irritated

What should I do if I don’t feel like myself

Focus On What You Can Control

Getting grounded

Reconnecting activities

  • Start cleaning out your house and decluttering your life.
  • Call, visit your friends or family members.
  • Look into your personal interests
  • Find a hobby or craft that you enjoy.
  • Visit a local park or library and read.
  • Do something creative, like cooking, knitting, painting, sculpting, woodwork, embroidery or other arts and crafts.
  • If you have children, take them to the playground or to an activity that they enjoy.
  • Read a book.

Breathe and meditation

Stay away from toxic people

Evaluate your comfort zone

Give yourself some self-care

Step away from Social Media

Write your thoughts down

When should I be concerned that I don’t feel like myself

Final thoughts on I don’t feel like myself



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Keith Burton

Keith Burton

Inside5am was created to provide a place for men to voice, share and discuss how to live our lives as better fathers, husbands, boyfriends and friends in life.