When Nothing Goes Right Go Left, Understanding Your Options In Life

What does when nothing goes right go left mean

What should you do when nothing goes right?

You are not the only one

Stay Focus on the issue

Staying positive is key

Let loose and trust the process

When facing adversity, be adaptable

7 evaluation steps when nothing goes right

Take a step back

What is wrong with the situation

  • Did you plan and read the situation?
  • Did you anticipate the consequences of your decisions?
  • Could you have done better with other options?

Can I still amends

  • Is the situation still within possible amends?
  • How did I let this happen?
  • What were my expectations going into the situation?
  • Did I over-expect the outcome?
  • Did I put in the proper effort?
  • Are there areas where I could have done better?
  • Is there something that I could change to avoid a similar problem in the future?

Weighing your options

  • How can I overcome this situation?
  • Are there better options that I may have overlooked?
  • Is this the only way?
  • What are the benefits of this alternative?

Mindset determines your progress

Work with a timeline

Accept the outcome

Final thoughts on when nothing goes right go left



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Keith Burton

Keith Burton

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