Learn To Be A Better Husband: 20 Practical Ways To Respect Your Wife’s Feelings

Why respecting each other is important in a relationship

Important things that a husband should know about respecting his wife’s feelings

What happens when you lose your wife’s respect

How do you honor and respect your wife’s feelings

20 ways to respect your wife’s feelings

Gain your wife’s respect

She has her principles and beliefs

Look at her point of view

Your wife is your equal

Never fight in front of your kids

  • You do not care about your wife’s respect, neither does she for you
  • Children are intimidated by such situations as they do not know what is going on

Never disrespect her

Never use harsh words on your wife

Never create insecurity

Admit you are wrong

Be supportive in her life

Learn that she needs her own space

Make decisions together

She is the only woman you have to be always truthful

Pay attention to the little things

Never raise hands

Don’t flirt with another woman

Seek your wife’s advice and opinions

Help out in household chores

Stop being manipulative

Avoid emotional abuse

  • Unrealistic demands
  • Silent treatment
  • Undermining
  • Accusations
  • Refusal to acknowledge

Final thoughts on respecting your wife’s feelings



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Keith Burton

Keith Burton

Inside5am was created to provide a place for men to voice, share and discuss how to live our lives as better fathers, husbands, boyfriends and friends in life.