20 Tactics To Keep The Momentum Going To Achieve Success In Life

How does your momentum Works




20 tactics to keep your momentum going

Start with just one small and simple step

Taking your very first step

Kick start your morning early

Build your momentum with goal setting

Seek advice from others

Plan and learn to delegate

Set timelines for yourself

Potential obstacles

Build on simple victories

Make yourself accountable

Do not leave issues hanging

Organize yourself

Consistent is key

Self motivations

Downtime and self-care

Chose meaningful tasks or activities

Build on your previous victories

Share it with someone else

Have an exciting purpose for what you do

Use reverse-gap thinking

Final thoughts to keep the momentum going



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Keith Burton

Keith Burton

Inside5am was created to provide a place for men to voice, share and discuss how to live our lives as better fathers, husbands, boyfriends and friends in life.